On-site repair

Winching out a car, that’s stuck in a mud, dirt, sand or any other kind of a terrain or whatever – is what we do the best!

Even if your car has fallen off the cliff and lies 100 feet below, be sure that we will be able to retrieve it back safely!

CityMotors’ Towing & Recovery has a team of expert and trained technicians who have had years of experience providing Roadside Assistance.

You say your car won’t start. You ran out of gas, need to fix a punctured tire, or even get a jump-start for your battery? We have the knowledge, skills and equipment to get back on the road quickly and safely. We offer a full line of Roadside Services so call us 24 hours a day: (555) 981-0456.

Being stuck on the side of a road can be frustrating and devastating. No matter what your exact situation might be: have a flat tire, ran out of gas, or need a jump-start for your battery, Sergio’s Towing & Recovery can be relied on.

Oftentimes our trained experienced mechanics can get you back on track within a short amount of time. However, if they are not able to assist you there on the road, we have the proper equipment to tow your vehicle to where you might wish for repair.
Our experienced staff is standing by 24 hours day to provide the service you might need. If possible our technicians will take care of your situation on the spot, saving you time, towing charges, and garage fees. You can count on CityMotors’ Towing & Recovery to provide timely and reasonably priced services.

Refer a Friend in Distress and He'll Have the

Price Reduced by 25%!