Estimating Auto Repairs

Estimating Auto Repairs

Tips for Estimating Car Repair Cost

Genins Auto Repair EstimatesCar repairs are always scary, especially when you aren’t auto-savvy yourself. If you’re really unsure as to what your repair might cost, you can try an auto repair estimator. But this number may vary drastically from the quotes you get from your local car repair shops. As always, the best strategy is to develop a relationship with a nearby auto shop.

What Kind of Repairs Cost the Most?
A blown engine is likely to be the worst diagnosis you can hear, as it will cost several thousand dollars to repair. Transmission problems are also among the most expensive to fix. If you have an older car, you may want to do some research on your car’s value, the repair cost and the cost of a replacement vehicle to determine if such a repair is a good investment.

What Increases the Cost of Repairs? 
Auto repair costs vary, of course. But there are a few guidelines you can use to estimate how much you’ll pay over time. Older cars, predictably, need more repairs than newer ones. The good news is that many of the repairs required by older cars are small and relatively inexpensive. Newer cars need fewer repairs, but since they rely on complex computer systems, those individual repairs can get pricier.

Different types of cars also have higher repairs costs. This has to do both with how often they require repair and how much their parts cost. Mercedes vehicles, for example, are known for having high repair costs even in the first five years of ownership.

How Can I Avoid Costly Repairs? 
If you’re hoping to reduce what you pay on repairs, be forward thinking and spend a little more on auto preventive maintenance. Keep track of how many miles you’ve driven and regularly replace things like brake pads (brake pads last between 30,000 and 70,000 miles; having less than 1/8 of an inch left on your brake pads means you need to take your car in to have them replaced right away) and air filters (a recent survey showed that 19% of the cars inspected had dirty filters that needed changing).

Also be sure to perform basic maintenance like having your tires rotated and your fluids checked. Your local car repair shop can tell you what problems your car is at risk for.